Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way to young to die

Ive been really upset for the last 2 days over the death of a friends cousin. I didn't know her personally but I am deeply saddended for her family especially her 2 young children. We have attended a few of the same gatherings a few times but I don't think we talked. It's my Best friend's Brothers girlfriends cousin. Her name was Katherine everyone called her Kat. She was murdered by the father of her children early Wednesday. In front of the kids no less, stabbed to death. There just has to be a better way then just filing a restraining order to protect you from nuts. Anyway I just wanteted to post the picture of this guy I don't know if it will help not many people read me and also your not close to where this happened but its something I can do.

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  1. How awful for those children! Did they catch this guy?