Monday, February 23, 2009

Just checking in

Just wanted to check in real quick I have been absent, lol I wonder if anyone noticed. Everything is pretty much going to hell in a hand basket. Robert never did any of the things he said he would, and I don't think he will. So I'm working really hard and letting anything that has to do with him go. Tonight he pretty much said he is like leaving this state and not looking back and that he is just going to get lost where noone can find him. So basically I will never see him again, supposedly he is still going to bring me a fridge but thats on his way to MO where his kids are. I dont' know if he was just trying to stir up drama or what, but I think I did well with not buying into it. Its kinda screwed up because we wont be able to file taxes he said when I got the forms to just forge his signature, which I will no do. Hello its the freaking IRS I'm not going to prison. I told him I would send them to his daughters address and he can mail them back to me to file. He said no because then people would know where he is. Also I have no where to send divorce papers when i get around to it. Whatever he does is up to him, I can't make him do anything. I realize that its all in his control and I have to make the best of my life without counting on him. So basically that means finding a job and moving on.
Had a bad day with my sister too, she wants money of course and I'm not giving her any. I'm only worrying about me and my daughter for a while. She was being a bitch so I finally told her and I quote lol "Eat shit, I fucking hate you. Don't ever call me again". Then I hung up on her, and I haven't felt even a little bit bad about it either. Sam was by me and she was like high Five Mom. You got rid of 2 people we hate today. I was like yeah great, it was just my husband and my sister. I told her I should make a movie like "How to lose friends and alienate people". Oh well I doubt its that easy to get rid of my sister she will be calling again. I'm just sick of people that bring me down, I'm trying to look forward not back.
I had a old boyfriend come over last night, not the married one. I guess it was just selfish on my part. I even told my daughter I just need some attention and someone to tell me I'm beautiful lol. She kept saying Hey Mom, your beautiful over and over, I love her : ) We just watched a movie and hung out but it was cool and he gave me a great hug when he left and kissed me on the cheek, but then he kissed me 3 kisses on the mouth shhh, not like with tounge or anything so it was ok. He is a nice guy but not someone I want to have a relationship with (or sex) lol

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