Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting Settled

Well we are moved and getting our house put together. I have been running errand after errand but as of tonight I officialy have a stove, washer and dryer and heat all working. There were a few small kinks to work out but we got through them. All the utilites are in in my name and I have a post office box. I surely can’t count on Robert. He will help me I think when it’s convienent for him or I am acting how he wants but if that stops then so will the help. Really things have kinda fallen in place with my whole move so I’m kinda feeling like this has all been meant to be. It’s almost a miricle for my Aunt to have had this house open. The people that lived her before me had been here almost 4 years and seemed like they were set to stay. My Daughter started her new school on Monday and seems fairly happy with it.
I have a friend coming over tomorrow. It’s kind of a weird situation he used to be a boyfriend about 10 years ago. We have been in contact for about 5 years now just as friends and he is married now. So I hope its not an odd situation. He says that he is in an open marriage and thats great for them, not my kinda thing but whatever to each their own. I just hope he doesn’t have the wrong idea and I have told him and I think its clear that i’m not looking for anything more then friends. I would like to meet his wife and us all be friends. I will seriously just kick him right out of my house if he starts acting stupid in the least. I’m giving myself a few months before I consider dating and its not going to be with a married man when I do.
So anyway I am loving living by myself for now, starting to wonder if its going to be lonely while Sam is at school but I guess I can always clean house if I get bored lol neah….

Update: I cancelled the friend coming. I think its a bad idea to have him at my house. I think lunch or something would be fine but not at my house.


  1. Oh wow! I am so happy things are going well for you! Its probably best that you canceled the friend coming to your house. I agree that maybe lunch out somewhere would be best, so he doesn't get the wrong idea. *Hugs*

  2. Congrats! I remember when I first left Jamie's dad, I was scared, but only for a few days. I hope that everything falls into place now!

  3. Yes!! When things fall into place like that it means it was meant to be. Follow that instinct. I am so proud of you. Look at you, standing on your own two feet and doing what you have to to take care of yourself!! Yay :)